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'Work in the business' or 'work on the business'? MP Hospitality Consultants can help save time on strategic planning and expensive organisational restructures by working with you to develop, implement and monitor action plans.


We use VMOSA (vision, mission, objectives, strategy, action plans) as a practical planning process to define a standard and develop practical ways to enact change.


We help set and achieve short-term goals while keeping sight of your long-term vision. Implementing this planning process supports developing a clear mission, building consensus, and grounding your teams’ dreams.



To improve the operational effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of high-standard hospitality organisations through employee satisfaction and guest experiences.


To be recognised as a leader in high-standard hospitality consulting.


MP Hospitality Consultants upholds and demonstrates the values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Ethics. These values are the moral compass for our culture and underpin our 8 key Priority Areas below.


 Key priority areas

Customer Service &

Guest Experience

  • Identify Customer/ Guests Cycle of Service

  • Develop and implement customer-centric engagements and employee training programs

Food & Beverage


  • Manage multiple catering outlets to the required standards, within agreed budgetary limits and law

  • Ensure that both the Back-Of-House and Front-Of-House departments operate effectively and efficiently

  • Food Menu and Drink List design and costing (COGS)

Financial Control

& Reporting

  • Prepare custom Management Reports for direct reports (KPI’s)

  • Review and identify focus areas in Profit & Loss statements, develop strategies to improve inline with budget forecast

  • Prepare Annual Budgets and Cash Flow forecasts

Innovation & Business


  • Community engagement

  • Develop and implement promotions, yearly Special Event Calendars and Guest Loyalty Programs

  • Continuous improvement by reviewing past performance measures, agreeing on standards within a team, and reviewing existing Standard Operating Procedures and Operating Checklists, updating and developing new

Human Resources &

Staff Development

  • Prepare employee recruitment strategy

  • Review and update Position Descriptions

  • Prepare Employee Induction – Employment Agreement; Employee Policy Handbook; Training Plan; Development Review

  • Set-up, implement & integrate Human Resource Management software

Procurement & Inventory


  • Supply arrangements

  • Develop and implement either manual or digital integrated Procure-To-Pay (P2P) software that addresses the entire purchasing process from initial order to final invoice payment

  • Develop and implement either manual or digital Stocktake system

Strategic Planning &

Operational Leadership

  • Review existing Strategic and Business Plans

  • Develop and improve Business and Operation Plans

  • Regular Work-In-Progress Meetings with Agenda and Minutes

  • Develop and implement Standard Operating Procedures

  • Establish routine Daily, Weekly, Monthly checklists to maintain standards

Information Technology

& Systems

  • Set-up and implement Property Management Systems (RMS9+)

  • Set-up and implement Point Of Sale (H&L, Vectron, Ordermate)

  • Set-up, implement and integrate Accounting Software (MYOB, Xero)



Marcus Pelham_edited.jpg

A professional and passionate Hospitality Manager, Marcus’s career has progressed from humble F&B Attendant, Private Assistant, Operations Manager, Food & Beverage Manager Duty Manager to his most recent role as a General Manager prior to establishing MP Hospitality Consultants. With seventeen years experience in premium multi-outlet businesses including private residences and estates, conference and function venues, leisure venues, regional & international hotel accommodation and restaurants, and commercial catering.

Marcus undertook his hospitality training on the Gold Coast, from where he was put forward by one of his lecturer, to be part of the opening team at Palazzo Versace.

Commencing his career at Palazzo Versace, Marcus, who was then 19 years old, was provided with a once in a life-time opportunity to become the Private Assistant for a prominent Australian business family looking after their needs in private residences, jets and super yachts. The exposure to this luxury lifestyle and personalised service honed his attention to detail, and has helped shape his career.
During this time, Marcus was exposed to some of the world’s most influential hospitality destinations, from boutique hotels and resorts, to gourmet restaurants and wine regions. The quality of these experiences informs his own standard of service, the importance of attention to detail and his vision for MP Hospitality Consultants.

“Hospitality represents all that I am interested in. I love how these holistic environments combine design, atmosphere, service, food and drinks to create intimate experiences for their guests. They embellish all that I am passionate about”




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